Cappuccino MCT is a coffee that burns fat!

Never before has losing excess weight been so tasty.​

Accelerates Calorie burning

Reduces fat storage

Increases satiety after a meal

Helps to shape the body

How does Cappuccino MCT work?

The combination of MCT Oil and natural coffee makes Cappuccino MCT a so-called “bulletproof coffee”. This term is not accidental – the synergy of these two ingredients gives excellent results.

MCT Oil is an ingredient containing saturated fatty acids in the form of medium-chain triglycerides. Unlike their long-chain relatives, these acids have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body, among others supporting the weight loss process. In turn, coffee is known for its unusual properties, mainly due to the presence of caffeine.

Advantages of the aromatic Cappuccino MCT:

Perfectly stimulates and boosts energy,

Affects leptin receptors, extending satiety for hours,

It inhibits hunger pangs,

Accelerates fat burning,

Increases performance during exercise.

The effectiveness of the ingredients is scientifically confirmed


A combination of brown algae extract and grape seed extract. Extremely rich in long-chain polyphenols called phlorotannins, which inhibit the activity of two major digestive enzymes – lipase and amylase.

Recent studies on ID-alG™ have also confirmed its unique fat reduction properties in overweight women.

Scientists have noticed that:

Using ID-alG reduces fat absorption, thus reducing body fat mass, abdominal fat and visceral fat

Weight loss is closely related to the reduction of body fat

Reduces carbohydrate assimilation

  It shows significant effects after only 8 weeks of use

Improves body shape



Accelerates the burning of calories on a low-carbohydrate diet

Reduces fat storage

Increases satiety after a meal

Garcinia Cambogia

Helps maintain normal blood fat levels

Reduces the feeling of hunger

Contains up to 60% HCA


 Natural prebiotic, stimulating the development of beneficial intestinal microflora

 Adjusts the frequency of bowel movements

Supports bowel function


Supports the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels

Participates in the correct metabolism of macro nutrients

It can reduce snacking


 Supports fat metabolism

 Supports the reduction of fa

Contains up to 22% caffeine


Improves focus and concentration

Reduces fatigue during exercise

Increases physical performanc

Easy to prepare

A very simple way to prepare for drinking, taking less than a minute.

100% natural ingredients

Only thoroughly clinically tested ingredients will be found in the product.

Product recommended by nutritionists

Numerous opinions of dietitians confirm the effectiveness of combining MCT Oil with coffee.

Directions for use

Use the scoop

Put 3 full scoops (1 serving) into a glass

Dissolve in water

Pour 150 ml of warm or cold water


Stir intensively for 30 seconds


Cappuccino MCT is a food supplement in the form of tasty coffee enriched with ingredients supporting fat loss.

Pour three full measuring scoops (1 serving) and pour cold or warm water over it. The drink should be mixed intensively for 30 seconds to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

The best results are obtained by people who use the product regularly. You can expect the first effects after a few weeks.

Cappuccino MCT is the recommended food supplement for people intending to reduce body fat.

The product will be sent immediately after receiving the order.